Tortilla-free steak fajita bowls

A Trick of the Trade

Cooking three meals a day is challenging, especially when meeting certain criteria as per the GAPS protocol. One way I manage less time in the kitchen is to cook extra of everything. Then, I take those extras and turn it into a completely different meal so that we don’t feel like we are eating leftovers again and again. For example, Thursday’s flank steak with red peppers, onions, and mushrooms became last night’s fajita-less fajitas. I used the same steak but I covered it in salsa and baked it. Then, I paired the steak with onions, orange bell peppers, and guacamole (which was delicious I might add). I also used the same steak to make sandwiches for my husband to take to work. So essentially, I got three meals out of one main ingredient. Love that! What are some of your tricks of the trade that allow you to spend less time in the kitchen?

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